ACI Detox Center

ACI detox center is a facility that offers many benefits to their patients. The facility offers one-on-one feedback, extra curriculum, and a daily sober recreation program. It accepts Medicaid and most insurance plans. In addition, they accept Beacon Health Strategies and Medicaid. Patients can also get one-on-one treatment from an in-house doctor and nurse. ACI is highly recommended for its treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.


The OIG filed a lawsuit against the YOHAY aci detox center for fraudulent practices. The lawsuit alleges that Yohay knowingly billed Medicaid for patients without doing a proper evaluation. As a result, Yohay fabricated documentation and signed documents with false signatures to receive payment. Additionally, it failed to return any Medicaid funds it obtained using the false documentation. The OIG’s case was settled for $6 million, with Yohay paying $3 million personally.

ACI Detox Center
ACI Detox Center

The case was filed after Dr. Daniel Casriel, a world-renowned psychiatrist, passed away in 1983. Yohay was brought into the organization by Casriel’s protege Stephen J. Yohay and expanded its programs. He currently serves as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ACI. The center has since treated thousands of patients. This article discusses the history of the ACI and Stephen Yohay’s involvement with the company.


ACI detox center has been treating substance abuse issues since 1981. The organization currently serves over 3,000 patients per year. Licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services and the Drug Enforcement Agency, ACI offers detoxification, rehabilitation, and other related services to its patients. ACI also has a staff of highly trained physicians. The organization offers 24-hour customer support. It accepts most insurance plans, including Medicaid.

Despite being aware of these allegations, the ACI management failed to investigate the alleged misconduct and take necessary corrective actions. In October 2012, the company hired an unqualified person to act as a “translator,” who worked for an organization that provided referrals to substance abuse clinics. She allegedly provided the ACI managers with lists of people to refer to the ACI center. The agency later joined the case, and Ms. Strauss thanked HHS for its assistance in pursuing the case.

Intensive outpatient program

The Intensive Outpatient Program at a C.A.C. detox center is designed to assist those struggling with dual diagnoses who are in need of drug and alcohol treatment. These individuals usually have trouble maintaining abstinence, are in danger of being hospitalized, or are being ordered by a court to undergo treatment. In this program, participants will develop a better understanding of substance abuse and how to avoid relapse.

Intensive outpatient programs can vary from program to program, but in general, they comprise ten to twelve hours of therapy each week and encourage 12-step program participation. Outpatient programs usually take place on the medical facility’s campus, but some may be available online. These programs may be beneficial for those living in remote locations or towns without enough treatment services. While the length of the program may vary, it’s important to remember that it is important for the individual to have a stable environment while receiving treatment.

Settlement of healthcare fraud lawsuit against YOHAY

A settlement of a healthcare fraud lawsuit against YOHAY ac is imminent. The lawsuit, filed by the United States, alleges that the ACI and Yohay defrauded the Government by coercing patients to undergo treatment and submitting fraudulent insurance claims. As a result, the ACI and Yohay have agreed to pay $3 million and divest their ownership interests in the company. As a result, the two entities will be banned from participating in government-funded health care programs for the next 15 years.

The lawsuit alleges that ACI engaged in unethical conduct by improperly inducing Medicaid recipients to undergo its inpatient remedy program. Yohay and ACI’s chauffeurs allegedly offered patients money, food, and other incentives to convince them to undergo treatment. Additionally, ACI required Chauffeurs to recruit patients for a certain number of patients to qualify for raises. As a result, many patients were unnecessarily enrolled in the program.

Location of ACI detox center

The ACI Chemical Dependency Treatment Center is a multi-service organization that offers inpatient and outpatient detoxification and rehabilitation programs. In addition to the treatment options available in their outpatient programs, these centers also offer inpatient housing facilities. Each of the eight floors contains between two and four rooms that sleep two to four people. Unlike many residential facilities, however, ACI offers a full range of treatment options, including medication-assisted treatment and alternative therapies.

The ACI Chemical Dependency Treatment Centers in New York City are designed to encourage sober social behavior and a healthier lifestyle. The treatment programs include psychodrama, art therapy, family therapy, meditation, and trips to Manhattan. The ACI Chemical Dependency Treatment Centers are also equipped with recreation facilities. ACI was founded by Dr. Daniel Casriel, who passed away in 1983. Since then, ACI has been operated on by Stephen J. Yohay, a former patient of Dr. Casriel. He has been in the field of substance abuse treatment for 46 years and holds the designation of Counselor Emeritus.

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